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The Wal*Mart Blog

About How Wal* Mart SUX!


This page is primarily meant for people that give me their wal* mart stories!
When they give me their story through e-mail i'll post it on this page with their name and
what city and state and country their from!


Stories! (1)

Story 1: Your Story!: We were just going into wal-mart for a minor emergency. We needed a water melon and wanted to quickly grab one. We selected a water melon and got in line, We waited in line for more than 15 minutes. while we were also standing in line a heavy set chunky woman took her over filled shopping cart ran over my mothers foot! The lady didn\'t bother to apologize. Plus the water melon really sucked. It tasted like bug spray. And that was the last time I ever entered the scummy place called wal-mart!!! I hate them!

Thanks meg From Sandy, Utah

Stories! (2)

Story 2: my name is Phillip jewuard but my friends call me phillip jew. im 10 and one day i wanted a condom so me and my girl could have some fin. soI asked give it too me straight man and he said i was too young so i said give it up bitch and well they didn't so me and my girl had to do it the hard way and well she died and a few years ago because she got pregnant and now i want to burn down all the Freakin walmarts cuz ther cheap bastards. well thats my story.

Stories! (3)

So i was at fuckin walmart buying shit and this stupid fuckin cunt comes over and is like 
"do you like in anally?" and it was the founder of all walmarts and i was like "no thats 
how you get PD[poopydick] and eh was like "oh well what about vaginally?" and i was like 
"okayy..." so we had sex and then he left me and he said that he was just using me and 
yeahh....WALMART SUCKS PENISS! oh yeah & if any of you are looking i'm only $100 an hour.;]
Thanks Alexis K. From Sandy, Utah




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