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About How Wal* Mart SUX!


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FEC Receives Official Complaints Against Wal*Mart Which Calls for An Immediate investigation!!!

Maybe this is going to be another Bail OUT!

GO down more to read about the story!

Obama is now Our President elect!

Hi I'm Alec Jenson I live in Sandy, Utah I recently watched a movie about how Wal*Mart cares about their Wal*Mart Employees!

And how they care about making money rather than employees benefits and wages!

They're seriously cheating the Government out of Billions with Chip(Children's Health Insurance Plan)/Medicade/Food Stamps/and housing for the poor!

All of their commercials are fake they say that they care about the communities their stores are in!

That's a lie the Walton family has donated Less than 1% of their profits to charities!

Bill Gates has donated more than 50% of his profits to charities!

Newest story:

11/15/08  12:10 P.M.

In the months leading to the 2008 elections, and with the blessing of corporate headquarters, Wal-Mart stores across the country held mandatory political meetings aimed at scaring workers away from voting for Democrats. It took just a few short days for pro-worker groups, like our own, to collect over 60,000 signatures from citizens demanding that the FEC investigate Wal-Mart's potentially illegal actions.

Today, those signatures will be hand-delivered to the FEC, along with a formal complaint against Wal-Mart.

Amazingly, the story keeps getting worse for Wal-Mart. Giving even more credence to the official complaint, the Wall Street Journal just released another story on Wal-Mart's electoral improprieties. Among other things, the story describes a taped political meeting where Wal-Mart managers mislead workers about EFCA and rue the potential of a Democratic win in November. Read the full article here.

Yet again, Wal-Mart has shown it will go to any length to profit at the expense of its workers. Because of you, Wal-Mart will be held accountable--if not in the court of law, then in the court of public opinion.

Below is our press release on the official complaint to the FEC.


WAKEUPWALMART.COM FILES OFFICIAL COMPLAINT AGAINST WAL-MART WITH THE FEC AND CALLS FOR AN INVESTIGATION today, along with American Rights at Work, Change to Win, and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, jointly filed an official complaint with the Federal Election Commission. The groups filed the complaint of unlawful federal election activity against Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. after a recent Wall Street Journal article reported that the company had been using mandatory meetings to discuss political issues and candidates.

In the official complaint,, and its 430,000 members nationally, call on the Federal Election Commission to "immediately open an investigation to determine whether a violation occurred and, if so, to take all appropriate steps to remedy that violation of federal election law."

Along with the complaint, the groups will deliver more than 60,000 petitions signed by citizens who want the FEC to investigate Wal-Mart's illicit behavior.

The following statement can be attributed to Meghan Scott, spokesperson for

"Wal-Mart may be the world's largest retailer, and America's number one private employer, but it is not above the law. Wal-Mart has intimidated its workers and attempted to scare them into voting against a particular party and candidate, and from what workers tell us, these meetings haven't stopped. This behavior proves that Wal-Mart is willing to go to any lengths to put profits ahead of its workers. These meetings, which left many Wal-Mart workers feeling bullied and intimidated, are not just inappropriate, they are likely in violation of federal election law and the world's largest retailer must be held accountable.

"We hope the FEC will act upon our complaint and open an investigation into Wal-Mart's activities as soon as possible."



Tell your friends about Walmart's outrageous electoral scare tactics today.



More Wal*Mart Facts

Lately, we've seen Walmart spend millions on marketing schemes to polish its image, even going so far as to tweak its name and logo. But, if you thought Walmart had changed, you were mistaken. Today's story shows that Walmartis still Wal-Mart: the same old irresponsible corporation that will stop at nothing to save a few extra dollars, even if it means intimidating its own employees.

More facts below!


 Substantial Number of Wal-Mart Associates earn far below the poverty line

Wal-Mart Associates don't earn enough to support a family

Wage increases would cost Wal-Mart relatively little

Wal-Mart forces employees to work off-the-clock

Wal-Mart executives did not act on warnings they were violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Wal-Mart and Health Care

Wal-Mart's Health Care Plan Fails to Cover Over 775,000 Employees

Wal-Mart's Health Insurance Falls Far Short of Other Large Companies

Wal-Mart's Health Care Eligibility is Restrictive

All of Wal-Mart's Health Plans Are Too Costly for Its Workers to Use

Wal-Mart Admits Public Health Care is a "Better Value"

Wal-Mart's Health Care is Getting Costlier

Wal-Mart Covers Less of the Health Care Costs Compared to Its Competitors

Wal-Mart's Spending Falls Below Industry Standards

Wal-Mart Only Spends 77 Cents an Hour Per Employee for Health Benefits

Wal-Mart Increased Advertising More Than Health Care

One Out of Six Wal-Mart Employees Has No Health Care Coverage At All

Costs to Taxpayers


Your tax dollars pay for Wal-Mart's greed

Health care subsidies compared to executive compensation

Your tax dollars subsidize Wal-Mart's growth

Community Impact


Wal-Mart's growth negatively impact worker's wages

The Cost of Wal-Mart's entry into a community can be significant

Lower wages mean less money for communities

Wal-Mart hurts other businesses when it comes to town.

Wal-Mart destroys the environment

Wal-Mart increases vehicle traffic

Wal-Mart desecrates sacred grounds

Wal-Mart's empty stores are blighting communities

Wal-Mart and Imports
Wal-Mart and China

Wal-Mart buys much of its merchandise from China

Many of Wal-Mart's "American Suppliers" actually manufacture most or all of their products in China

Wal-Mart's Chinese factory workers are treated poorly

Elsewhere workers producing goods for Wal-Mart also face appalling conditions, despite Wal-Mart's factory inspection program

Wal-Mart and Worker Injuries

Wal-Mart cares little for the safety of its workers

Wal-Mart takes a combative approach to workers' compensation claims
Wal-Mart Non-Health Care Benefits

Wal-Mart fails to provide a secure retirement benefit for its employees.

Wal-Mart shares little of its $11 billion profits with employees.

Wal-Mart shifts retirement costs onto communities

Wal-Mart Anti-Union Policy

Wal-Mart closes down stores and departments that unionize

Wal-Mart has issued "A Manager's Toolbox to Remaining Union Free,"

Wal-Mart is committed to an anti-union policy

Wal-Mart & Gender Discrimination


Wal-Mart discriminates against women

Wal-Mart & Child Labor


Wal-Mart violates Child Labor Laws

Wal-Mart & Undocumented Immigrants
Wal-Mart & Port Security


For 2005, the year for which the most recent figures are available, Wal-Mart led the Journal of Commerce's annual Top 100 Importers rankings. Wal-Mart also led the list in 2004 and 2003. In 2005, Wal-Mart imported the equivalent of 695,000 20-foot equivalent container units (TEU). [Journal of Commerce, May 29, 2006 and Journal of Commerce, May 31, 2004]

The latest and most comprehensive figures available for comparing imports by various companies are from 2004. In 2004, as measured in 20-foot-equivalent container units (or TEUs), Wal-Mart was larger than Target, Sears/K-Mart and COSTCO combined (Journal of Commerce and the Port Import/Export Reporting Service).

Figures for 2004
1. Wal-Mart Stores 576,000 
2. The Home Depot 301,200 
3. Target Corp 202,700
4. Sears/K-Mart 186,000
5. Dole Food 171,300
6. Chiquita Brands Intl 115,600
7. Ikea Intl. 100,000
8. Lowes Cos. 100,000
9. Heineken USA 83,400
10. Costco Wholesale 66,400
[All Business, Oct 28, 2005]

A WAL-MART CONTAINER ARRIVES IN THE U.S. AT A RATE OF 1 EVERY 45 SECONDS. One of every 25 containers shipped to the United States in 2005 was destined for Wal-Mart. At that ratio, Wal-Mart's imports accounted for 695,118 cargo containers that year, with an average of one arriving to a U.S. port every 45 seconds. [Forbes, 7/5/06]


MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AGREE THE RISK TO PORT SECURITY COULD LEAD TO THE 'NIGHTMARE' SCENARIO AND PORT SECURITY EXPERTS HAVE OUTLINED THE THREAT OF UNSCANNED CONTAINERS IGNORING THIS THREAT, WAL-MART LOBBIES MEMBERS OF CONGRESS TO RESIST TIGHTENING PORT SECURITY Even with the tragedy of 9/11 still fresh in our minds, Wal-Mart and its retail lobby group, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), are lobbying Members of Congress to oppose 100% scanning of port containers. WAL-MART USES RILA AS AN ANTI-SECURITY LOBBYING ORGANIZATION Wal-Mart is a key member of the Washington, D.C. lobbyist group the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA). WAL-MART AND RILA: PUTTING PROFITS BEFORE AMERICAN SECURITY MEANWHILE PORT SECURITY EXPERTS DISPUTE THE POTENTIAL COST TO WAL-MART According to Stephen Flynn, retired Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard and senior fellow on national security Council on Foreign Relations: "The total cost of third party compliance inspections, deploying 'smart' containers, and operating a cargo scanning system such as the one being piloted in Hong Kong [100 percent scanning] likely reach $50 to $100 per container depending on the number of containers an importer has and the complexity of its supply chain. ... Can industry afford the cost of this regime? Even if the final price tag came in at $100 additional cost per container, it would raise the average price of cargo moved by Wal-Mart or Target by only .2 percent. [Congressional Quarterly, March 28, 2006]

WAL-MART USES MONEY AND INFLUENCE TO PRESSURE POLITICIANS TO OPPOSE STRENGTHING PORT SECURITY Wal-Mart's and RILA's recent investments in members of Congress with power over port and supply-chain security issues are massive and tilt heavily to Republicans.



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